Curated from regions affected by floods, drought, bushfires and the pandemic, we've made some exciting finds, and we can't wait to share these makers and their stories with you. Gifting these boxes helps small batch makers recover and be discovered.

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We have much to learn from those who perhaps better understand how to walk softly on this earth. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land in all states and territories on which we work. Their connection with the land, their innate culture of sustainability is something we open our minds and hearts to embrace and practise. We honour their traditions and respect their elders, past, present and future. May we all together heal this beautiful planet, and find harmony as one global human community.

Please note images are indicative, product sizes may vary from what is shown and actual sizes are listed for each box. Due to the nature of our producers being small batch, some items may not be available but rest assured, we will replace it with something equally as fabulous from another producer.

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