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Pyewackets Traditional Healthy Lemon Lime & Bitters Cordial Kit

Pyewackets Traditional Healthy Lemon Lime & Bitters Cordial Kit

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Welcome to Pyewacket’s Traditional. A collection of delicious, naturopathically formulated drinks. 

This pack contains:

1 x Pyewacket's Traditional Shrub Sampler Box (50ml x 5)

1 x Pyewacket's Traditional Aromatic Bitters 100ml

1 x Pyewacket’s Traditional Rosemary Lemonade Shrub 200ml

About Shrub Sampler Box: an introduction to fresh fruit apple cider vinegar cordials, known traditionally as shrubs. These raw, cold, pressed fruit tonics are added to sparkling water to make nutritious, low-sugar, digestive sodas with a kick. Perfect for those seeking healthy, non-alcoholic mocktails and alternatives to cordials and soft drinks. It is similar in function to kombucha but fruitier and more delicious. Keep refrigerated.

Includes: Watermelon Basil Shrub 50ml, Rosemary Lemonade Shrub 50ml, Blood Orange Turmeric Shrub 50ml, Davidson Plum & Vanilla Shrub 50ml and Pineapple Mint Shrub 50ml. 

About Aromatic Bitters 100ml: A traditional herbal bitters delicious in sparkling water to aid digestion or to replace conventional bitters in cocktails. 

About Rosemary Lemonade Shrub 200ml - Combine this fermented fruit cordial with Aromatic Bitters to make a delicious healthy lemon lime & bitters alternative. Recipe card included. 

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