Natasha Morgan - A Connected Spirit with Preservation in Her Bones

Natasha Morgan - A Connected Spirit with Preservation in Her Bones

To say that Natasha Morgan is a woman beholden to the charms of nature is an understatement. From life as an urban academic and architect to re-rooting to rural Spargo Creek with her young family, Natasha’s love for productive gardening, experience design and landscape architecture have all come into bloom since making this metamorphic move to the country.  

Driven by her need for connection to nature and community, Natasha has become a local treasure in the few years since her move to that tiny hamlet on the edge of the Wombat State Forest.  The renovation of her estate, Oak and Monkey Puzzle, and cultivation of numerous gardens, has seen the creation of a whimsical yet modern events venue. Her unique and charming space has grown to welcome makers, artisans and people all over through her successful workshops teaching people about everything from gardening, permaculture and landscaping. 

An artist and entrepreneur at heart, Natasha’s vision of creating a hub for creative collaboration had attracted many visitors, and then Covid hit. Not one to let adversity get in the way, her unparalleled work ethic and desire to show off some of the best parts of nature meant Natasha changed her focus. Growing, foraging and preserving the fruit of her labour has brought us the most spectacular ranges of artisanal syrups. These versatile artisanal cordials are chemical-free and locally grown and picked at the height of the season. They are laboriously prepared by hand in small batches, to best capture the flavours of the time. 
Madebox is excited to launch our experiences range, including paying a visit to Natasha’s wonderful Oak and Monkey Puzzle Estate, to enjoy her Dutch Masterpieces Dining Table Arrangement experiences, in a purpose-built shipping container on site. 

As tourism opens up, Natasha hopes that the hub will soon be able to hum again, bringing life and a new creative energy back into the beloved Oak and Monkey Puzzle.

In the meantime, be sure to support her business and get a taste of her syrups via one of her stockists (see or in many of the small gift boxes and hampers found in our shop. 

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