Fermenting Magic: The Rise of Cider in Regional Australia

Fermenting Magic: The Rise of Cider in Regional Australia

With its sun-kissed orchards and pioneering spirit, Australia is currently experiencing a cider revolution. It's an exciting time for cider lovers as regional producers passionately brew their magic, one batch at a time.
What makes cider so remarkable is its simplicity – just fermented apple juice. However, beneath this simplicity lies a world of decisions and craftsmanship. Regional Australian cider-makers are delving into the art of cider-making with a creative blend of tradition and innovation.

image: Gurney's Cidery in Gippsland, trucked in pieces of the disused Hazelwood coal mine tunnel, turning it into the largest underground cider cellar in the Southern Hemisphere!

These talented artisans handpick apple varieties, often opting for heirloom fruits with unique cider flavours. Different apple varieties can have a significant impact on the taste and texture of the cider. For instance, like bittersweet and bitter-sharp varieties, cider apples are known for their high tannin content, adding complexity, structure, and a touch of bitterness to the final product. On the other hand, sharp and sweet apple varieties contribute brightness and acidity, creating a crisp and refreshing cider.

The choice of apple varietals is just one aspect that showcases the cider-makers expertise. The terroir, which refers to the combination of soil, climate, and geography, also plays a crucial role in shaping the character of the cider. Regional Australian cider-makers use their unique terroir to cultivate apples that thrive in their microclimates. The soil composition, sun exposure, and temperature fluctuations all influence the flavour profile of the apples, which impart to the cider. This connection to the land brings a distinct regional identity to each cider, highlighting the diverse landscapes of Australia.


For example, Mike Juleff from Crucible Cider is a craftsman. With his background as a chemical engineer, his attention to detail and interest in precision is impeccable. Over 20 years ago Mike started establishing his Birregurra cider orchard with 28 French and English heritage varieties of cider apples, specifically choosing a mix for the optimum bitter-sweet/bitter-sharp/tannin characteristics that he needed to achieve the flavours and heritage characters for his award-winning ‘Méthode Traditionelle’ cider and perry.

As ciders ferment and mature in barrels or steel vats, they develop complex notes, showcasing the character of the land and climate from which they originate. The ageing process allows the flavours to meld and evolve, transforming the initial cider into a refined and harmonious beverage. The cider-maker carefully monitors this process, determining the ideal time to bottle the cider and share its creation with enthusiasts.

Supporting these regional cider-makers in our unique gift boxes and hampers means more than just enjoying a refreshing drink. It's a celebration of local produce, the dedication and skill of artisans, and the spirit of Australian innovation. Each sip tells a story of the apple varietals carefully selected, the terroir where they were grown, and the passion poured into each batch.

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