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Midnight Mixers, Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic), 200ml x 24 pack

Midnight Mixers, Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic), 200ml x 24 pack

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A riff on an old school brewed ginger beer, this has fantastic depth of flavour and complexity, along with a serious kick of spice from the natural ginger.

Midnight Mixers packaging has been designed to be as sustainable as possible. From the low-weight, Australian-made, fully recyclable cans to our cartons and four-pack sleeves being made exclusively (and locally) from 100% post-consumer, recycled cardboard, everything has been designed to minimize our impact on the planet. Careful attention has also been paid to ethical sourcing and all of our production is local. 

This product contains quinine. This product is sold in a carton of 24 x 200ml cans. Proudly presented by Madebox.

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to the following areas: Northern Territory Regional, Outer SE QLD, West QLD, Gladstone Region, Far North Coast QLD, South Central WA, Alice Springs, Darwin, York Region, South West WA. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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